Air Compressor Service

24-Hour Service/Repair/Installation Throughout North West England

Your compressor is designed for performance and durability, and with proper maintenance & regular servicing it will deliver many years of reliable service. 

As a contract customer we maintain a stock of air compressors available during emergencies so your business can avoid downtime during scheduled maintenance or meet unexpected peak need situations. 

Scorpion Compressed Air can complete most major equipment overhauls and repairs on site or at our compressed air workshops in Bolton. 

Pipework Installation -  We handle all of our installations.  Please contact us for a quote or information about a new installations or equipment relocations.

Preventative Maintenance -  This valuable service helps reduce expensive down time and money.  Find out how to get your equipment on a regular maintenance program. If desired, you may simply chose to have us send you an e-mail monthly, quarterly or annually- you choose, reminding you of the next scheduled service.

Overhauls & Airend Rebuilds -  Why replace when you can rebuild.  For more information or a quote, send us an email request.

Complete-Care Extended Warranty Plan  Does a fixed monthly payment sound better than the variable costs associated with emergency breakdowns? Worried that the large repair might not be covered under warranty? Can your budget afford it? Find out how many businesses have hedged against these costly business expenses caused by unexpected equipment failure.  With Complete-Care, all you have is a fixed monthly payment which includes all preventive maintenance and breakdowns- renewable every 2 years.  Want to learn more? Send us email with a request today..  

Compressed Air Equipment covered: Abac, Alup, Atlas Copco, Fiac, Ingersoll-Rand, HPC, Mark, Worthington, CompAir & many more